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About Sandy
Photo of Sandy Nance, Functional Nutritionist

Sandy is a registered dietitian with her Master's degree in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from Saybrook University. While completing her degree she had the privilege of working with several Integrative Registered Dietitians. It was through them that she was able to witness the true healing power of food and found the inspiration to bring that power into her own practice. She is a true believer in food as medicine and understands the importance of finding a balance between physical and mental health.

For the past 5 years Sandy has been practicing one-on-one nutrition counseling focusing on weight management and GI conditions. Sandy is also a certified LEAP therapist and uses MRT foods sensitivity testing to help her clients achieve their nutrition goals.

In her free time Sandy enjoys hiking, reading and hanging out in the city of Charlotte with her husband, daughter Amelia and son Austin, and her French bulldog Zoey.

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