Address the root cause of your condition through diet

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching


Dragging through your workouts? Struggling to lose weight?

Carolina Functional Nutrition can help!

Nutrition and Wellness Coaching

Dragging through your workouts? Struggling to lose weight? Been to multiple doctor’s visits and feel like something’s still just not right despite “normal” labs? Carolina Functional Nutrition can help!


I’ve heard stories from patients who struggled for years with a chronic condition before addressing the root cause with nutrition. Unfortunately, nutrition is often overlooked in the traditional healthcare system, but yet it is an absolutely essential component of wellness. In fact, at Carolina Functional Nutrition we take a functional or integrative approach to health and wellness which means that nutrition is the central factor in addressing the root cause of disease. A functional approach also means that we view the body as an interconnected communication system, not singular parts and organs to be individually medicated or suppressed. When symptoms arise, it is a sign there is inflammation in one or more body systems.


Our bodies are constantly sending information in response to the food, chemicals, and medications we ingest, and in response to stress from a job, relationships, and exercise. Over time, without adequate vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this communication can be interrupted, and inflammation develops in an effort to remind the body that there is a problem. Therefore, the source(s) of inflammation must be addressed, and in many cases, this starts with gut healing.

Are you struggling even though you are exercising and eating "right"?

Nutrition and wellness coaching services include:


  • Nutrition Assessment: dietary recall, supplement review

  • Lab Services: vitamin/mineral, antioxidants, food sensitivities, stool analysis, hormones, nutritional 23andMe analysis

  • Personalized Wellness Plan: food, supplements, lifestyle recommendations

  • Meal Plans: weekly planner, recipes, shopping list


-Benefits: reduce inflammation, improve performance, increase energy, decrease fatigue, lower disease risk, prevent injuries, lose weight/body fat, curb cravings

-Initial consult + 2-4 follow-ups is recommended

Get the help you need to take your journey to the next level