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Who in your life needs a meal plan makeover?! Introducing a beautiful new meal planning service with you in mind-complete with recipes, shopping lists, and nutrition information!
Choose from: Paleo, Vegan, Healthy Family, and Kid-Friendly plans! Or upgrade to a personalized plan for your individual calorie needs, family size, and food preferences!

3 Month-Meal Plan Subscription

  • Refund Policy

    All sales are final.  In the event of a technical issue, loss or misplace, or food intolerance please read below on how to remedy.


    Technical -

    If you have a problem downloading the plan please email to have your plan directly sent to you


    Loss or misplace -

    If you lose or misplace your plan we will replace the plan specifically where able; otherwise a similar plan will be substituted. No replacements after 30 days of purchase.


    Food intolerances

    Food intolerances requiring editing can be adjusted within 30 days of purchase following a paid 30-minute phone visit.


    Please alert to all situations within 30 days.  

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