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Hormone-Inflammation Connection

Inflammation--from a diet high in processed food, too little OR too much exercise, medication, unmanaged stress, and hormonal imbalances causes an increase in estrogen and insulin which then increases estrogen even more. When the body holds onto excess estrogen, inflammation increases and weight loss becomes very difficult. Don't ignore the underlying nutritional and health implications of imbalanced hormones! Excess estrogen is very common (even sometimes in men it's an issue!) ingI recommend work with a qualified practitioner to check and interpret hormone levels before attempting to influence them with supplements. There are, however, dietary and lifestyle interventions which can help to lower excess estrogen:

-Eat a low-glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet high in cruciferous veggies.

-Support the gut with probiotic foods (fermented veggies, no-added-sugar kombucha). A probiotic supplement may be appropriate if antibiotic use has been frequent and/or if chronic digestive issues exist.

-Avoid the 3 P's: perfume, plastic, and pesticides. Schedule "me" time in the form of meditation/prayer, massage, time in nature, and FUN!

-Use medications wisely. Get to the root of a long-standing issue rather than suppressing symptoms.

-Work with a knowledgeable practitioner to further support estrogen metabolism using personalized nutrition support and perhaps supplements such as DIM, Calcium-d-glucarate, and I3C.

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