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How Healthy Is Your Thyroid?

HASHIMOTO’S: Hashimoto’s is the autoimmune version of hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. It’s technically diagnosed with both positive TPO and Anti-TG antibodies, but some people present with only one set of positive antibodies. Optimal nutrition is so important in the case of Hashimoto’s, and yet so many clients I see have never had a full thyroid panel even though the majority of hypothyroidism cases are in fact Hashimoto’s.

Tips for Hashi’s: Ask for a full thyroid panel including antibody levels Consider going gluten-free. Several strong studies suggest that gluten breaks down the thyroid gland as it “looks like” it’s same antibodies. Consider that additional food sensitivities are common among Hashi’s patients. Test with @leapmrtand/or use an elimination diet to identify your personal triggers. Work with a functional practitioner who understands how to test adrenal function. I see too many clients diagnosed with hypothyroid and anxiety who never address underlying adrenal issues, which are sometimes worse than the underactive thyroid! Test don’t guess! ️Check your Vitamin D! Several studies have highlighted the importance of adequate Vitamin levels in reducing inflammation associated with autoimmune disease. In fact, a high-normal level may be beneficial for autoimmune sufferers.

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