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Wine: Healthful or Harmful?

I'm often asked about the health benefits of alcohol, especially wine since it's a part of the praised anti-inflammatory Mediterranean diet. Most of the research points to alcohol as a pro-inflammatory ingredient, but that may depend a lot on ingredients.

Bottom line: alcohol is not really a friend of our gut but yes there are some aspects that support health depending on what you buy. Common additives which ARE NOT labeled: sugar (!) tannins, acids, copper sulfate (removes odor, also toxic to liver and kidneys in animal studies ), coloring agents, DMDC (an antimicrobial agent). Things to look for when buying wine: -choose organic with no added sugar (Fit Vine is a brand found in most grocery stores) Other things to consider: -Pinot noir is highest in the antioxidant resveratrol which justifies moderate consumption -Italian Sangiovese and Australian Shiraz tend to have lower chemical additives

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