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"Back" to School 2021: Immune Boosting + Lunch Recipe Roundup

The kids are back to in-person school for the first time in what seems like YEARS... With introducing them back to in-person school, also introduces their immune systems to germs & pathogens that they most likely haven't experienced in quite some time. Keep reading for some ways to empower their immune systems so that they can be fully present this school year!

Tips for immune-boosting

Who else is slightly on the nervous side that the kiddos will bring home some interesting germs this year? Let's look at protecting the whole family with some proactive measures. Check out the following links for a protocol I created with supplements for the whole family:

Recipe round-up for bento box lunches:

We've probably all seen the bento box viral video where the mom packs gourmet bento box meals. This roundup here isn't quite that posh, but it will allow for healthy options that the kids will love! Be sure to check it out. If you try them out, tag me on Instagram!

Recipe round-up for busy weeknight meals (or healthy swaps for quick healthy family dinners)

You CAN just say no to the drive-thru. Here's how I make dinner fast, easy, healthy:

  • Cook starches and proteins in larger batches to mix and match later in the week.

  • Buy frozen veggies to save prep time.

  • Frozen rice cooks wayyy faster than boxed and doesn’t have inflammatory oils like the “ready rice” in the bag.

  • Themed meals: breakfast, kids choice, leftovers, make your own pizza, big salads, soup.

  • Get saucy:

    • Teriyaki: coconut aminos + honey + rice vinegar + sesame oil

    • Italian: cashew milk + tapioca starch (thickener) + garlic and/or onion powder

    • Greek: red wine vinegar + oregano + olive oil

If going a whole school year without illness sounds like a fairytale, and your family needs help getting their immune systems back on track, I’d love to help! Book a session with me today, click here.


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