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If you’re still experiencing bloating, fatigue, pain, trouble sleeping, or anything else besides your very best optimal wellness—we’ve got you. Let’s make this year different.


What's included:

  • Home-Based Blood Spot + Urine Test Kits: to assess gut, metabolic, nutritional, and general inflammation markers. Determine the level of cellular inflammation you're experiencing.
  • Inflammation Analysis: Comprehensive Symptom Assessment that rigorously evaluates critical facets of your health.
  • Lab Review Consultation: Over the last 7 years, Carolina Functional Nutrition has helped thousands of clients feel better by reducing inflammation and resolving chronic symptoms. Review your labs with one of our experts, and receive a 3-month food and supplement plan personalized to your lab results. Discover what you’ve been missing with routine bloodwork from your doctor’s office that says “you’re fine.”
  • BONUS: Access to exclusive resources and monthly online Q&A sessions for questions along the way! We are truly here for you-to help you regain control over your health.

2024 Anti-Inflammation Lab + Consult Bundle

  • Labs and lab review appointment good for 12 months from date of purchase. No returns or exchanges. One bundle per customer. 

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